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The new day started with a blue sky, but not coffee. I got out of my tent and found a nice place to enjoy the sun while I was waiting for Maddin to wake up.

(photo: maddin)

We refilled our camelbags with the last water and got going. It seemed we had in fact left the 'bad dunes' behind. The road got better and even showed first signs of civilization.

Then it got sandy again. It was mostly hard packed sand, but the tracks themselves and some smaller patches were filled with fesh-fesh, sand so fine that the wheels sink like in water. We usually stayed beside the tracks and circled around these patches when we saw them. But it didn't tool long and I saw Maddin again disappearing in a cloud of dust, right in front of me.
This time he had been faster and landed hard. So hard that this time I first got of my bike and asked if he was ok. Only then I took the photo.

It turned out that he had torn his knee, injuring the ligaments. He was in pain and could barely walk.
No damage whatsoever to the bike was good news. And once he was back on the bike he could also ride it. All was fine, as long as he didn't had to stand on the pegs or jump off the bike.

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We continued, determined to rest at the next cafe and have breakfast. We had already passed a few places, some of them abandoned, some inhabited.

After breakfast and the obligatory Thé à la Menthe we were back on the road which turned into another smooth plain to speed up to triple digits.

There was a little shock for Maddin when we saw more dunes ahead. Not being able to walk properly or use his feet standing on the bike, there was no way he would make it across dunes.
With that in mind I was about to leave the track to see if there was a way around them, when I saw that they had created a paved road throught the sand using rocks.

From here it was all easy and fast going.

(photo: maddin)

Our first stop in Zagora was the famous '52 jours' sign. Zagora had once been the start of a camel carawane route to Timbuktu (or Tombouctou), and the picture is supposed to originate in those times. There is a text explaining it, also mentioning that the sign was no longer at it's original location, but had been moved at some time. It says nothing about the fact, that older photos of the sign show the arrow pointing in the other direction ...

We played a bit with the sign and our cameras. I thought it might be fun sending a photo back to my boss, explaining that I wouldn't come back to work anytime soon ...

Of course, someone on a moped showed up and explained to us that we absolutely had to follow him to his famous dakar garage. He gave us some stickers and wanted to have a photo of the bikes for their wall. We agreed, mostly because we thought they could point us to a nice and cheap hotel.
So we had our photo taken and were pointed to a hotel across the street. We started with another Thé à la Menthe in their beautiful backyard and asked to see the rooms.
Maddin was still in pain from his knee, so we wanted a nice place for a restday or two. In the end, we left and went to the largest hotel we could find in town. Time for some luxury.

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