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As usual I woke up early the next morning, so I sneaked out of the room and went outside. There was a nice patio with a great view onto a pile of sand which we hadn't noticed the night before. We had reached the Erg Chebbi.

(photo: maddin)

I guess some of you may recognize that view as we were staying at the hotel Yasmina - which seems to be mentioned in about every Morocco report I read here on ADV in the last months. Here's a better view of the hotel:

About the time I ordered my second coffee Maddin showed up and we had a great breakfast. Then it was time for some maintenance on the bikes and fixing some loose bolts and nuts. I think Maddin was still suffering from sleep depriviation, as he was mainly pretending to check his engine guard.

We started late, planning on just a short daytrip north, so we took nothing but a small bag with tools, water and some food each. Maddin lead and immediately started distributing his tools across the dessert. As you can see the hotel was still within sight when we stopped to collect them. Note: On flat ground you can see a shiny new Victorinox multitool glaring in the sunlight from hundred meters away.

The first obstacle was a tractor blocking the track, so we had to go around through the bushes. I'm not sure if the locals were actual helping here, trying to guide Maddin. It was much easier for me as I had been leading and got through before they started to stand in the way ... Nevertheless, it was entertaining to watch and I stopped with the camera in hand - just in case he'd fell.

He didn't.

So no crash yet, but we did saw some camels.

Maddin and his first camel:

There's something about this picture that I really like. Front page image?

[ x ] camels
[ ] crashes
[ ] injuries
[ ] breakdowns

We followed the track through some smaller mountains and back to the highway to Erfoud.

When I saw these guys, I thought it might be worth stopping for a photo. But in retrospect I guess it takes more than a flag and some guys for a memorable picture ...

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