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Originally Posted by gefr View Post
Your setup is: #172 mains, #40 Idle Air Jets, #90 Low Jets, 3rd needle notch, 4mm floats, is that correct?

This is more an experiment than my setting. I am simply sharing what I'm doing.

I have my bike jetted for economy and functionality at high elevation. Its a very conservative/lean setup but seems to work well everywhere.
Stock air jets
FP needle @ 2
42 slow jets
178 main jets
4mm floats
Screws @2

Another bike we tuned yesterday, since I didn't have the necessary jets to set up like my bike...and since the owner wanted more power at the possible expense of some economy and altitude flexibility. It was setup as follows and listed as much so we can remember what we did as much as I'd like opinions.
90 idle air cut off
40 idle air (this was only done because we didn't have a set of 50 idle air jets! Someone had previously installed 70's. I wanted to get total slow jet air close to stock 80+50=130 and I had 90's and 40's. There is absolutely no need to do this, at all!)
Needle @ 3 ( may have been a FP needle?)
45 slow jets
172 mains
4mm floats
Screws @1.5

I was surprised it ran out as well as it did. Only complaint is it backfires a little much when the throttle is cut (probably due to the air jet sillyness). Gobs of power everywhere.
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