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Yeah, Vettel's tires were shot. He got 3 good laps out of them, which is about right.

A dominant run by Ferrari. I see they're using the double (or passive) DRS -- I think for the first time. Makes sense on a track with two long straights. Clearly the fastest car in race trim.

I can't find a list of pit stops. Anyone? I think Massa's first pit stop was really slow, and he made a second pit stop before lap 25, which knocked him way back in the order. Then he got stuck behind the worst car -- a Force India. They, like Ferrari, are fast down a straight so it was extremely hard to make a pass.

I wonder how much, if at all, Vettel was slowed by being behind Hulkenberg? It may be that the Red Bull simply didn't have enough pace, no matter what their tire strategy was.

Kudos to Mercedes for really improving their car this season. What seemed like a disastrous move for Hamilton is now looking very timely indeed.

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