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Disappointing weekend...
Friday was a mudfest, barely ridable at least for me. That West Virginia clay is some slippery stuff! The track is covered in woodchips, sawdust, some kind of topsoil (rotted woodchips and sawdust) that was very soft and rutted up from Fridays heave rain.I only rode a couple laps in practice and fell right away in a mud puddle, back down like a turtle and couldn't get up until I rolled over into a deeper section of mud and finally pulled my self and the bike out of it.

The weather did get better Friday afternoon and they graded the track after the practice was over and again Saturday morning. It appeared better but in my first practice session I made it 2 corners and the ruts were huge down the next straightaway, I messed up and dabbed my foot into some soft mud and it grabbed me twisting my knee and hip. 1 minute into race day and I was injured.

I ended up racing my first 2 motos but sucked in both of them so decided to retire for the day (a muture and responsible thing to do if I do say so) and lick my wounds.

Drove over 700 miles this weekend for about an hr of riding time at most.

Thats racing....
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