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Originally Posted by Plaka View Post
What is this "collector" you speak of?

Yeah, the mufflers seem like a good idea, makes a long package to handle otherwise. I don't have things like "collectors" (???) or crossovers. Makes all sorts of things a lot easier. But I've pulled /5 heads with the pipes on. Screwing with the crossover was the only issue.

If the pipes come off easily then of course it's the way to play. But you are pulling the mufflers anyhow unless the headers fall off.
No one said what year/model bike we're dealing with..Around 1981 with the R80G/S and later airheads, the headers went back to a collector under the tranny before heading to the muffler(s). The headers curved under the tranny which made pulling the head off with the header on about impossible. Some early models had straight back header/mufflers with a single or dual cross over which may be what you meant.
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