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Cool2 Ride report...

Allright, just got back from working all day and have a few beers and some pizza. Time for the MN SX ride report.

Yesterday around 1 p.m. got geared up and ready to head out. Temp, 37 deg F.

Headed downtown, stopped at the local dealer to warm up. Look around shoot the breeze. Next stop local coffee house Bobs cycle supply. Have a red bull and talk to a KLR rider with a camo bike. Then head downtown. There is a twins game going on so traffic was going to be shit. Asked a dude where motorcycle parking was at the dome and he said . Great, so I head to a pay to park spot pay and get ready to head to the metrodome.

Next pic from outside.

Some cool stuff but it's cloudy and kinda crappy. I go looking around and a neato RM catches my eye.

Cool stuff, take a tour through the pits and nothing really exciting, saw Kevin Windham signing auto graphs. Checked back on the bike then went inside. Pretty good seats...

Check out the action and then guess who shows up. Erin Bates. I really wanted to get a picture of me and her but no dice. A group behind me got crazy and went ERIN, ERIN, ERIN a few times and got her to wave at us!

Just watched the races and had one 16 oz miller lite for $7.50. The crowd was crazy. Couldn't even move around sometimes trying to move around upstairs for concessions. I got there early and I had to work tomorrow so I just watched the 250 main event then I bailed. Didn't even watch the 450 final. Everyone was cheering on Dungey, so I'm glad he did well.

Whoop, there it is!
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