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I agree that Veronica is amazing. Without her I can't imagine what would have happen. They still have a lot of details to work out and most of them are in their US office. I could ONLY pay in the US with bank check or money order. As I spoke to already no one could give me an exact price.

I agree can't give enough credit to Veronica and she really tried to overcome the poor process her empoler has. Not her fault. I think it is a safe call to go with them. With one caution: If you contact then and Veronica is no longer there;

Lyn Cargo with Veronica was so much better than anyone else we talked with in Columbia. In theory, it is possible to air ship from Cartagena or Barranquila. Henry is totally bilingual and he talked directly with the guys at the cargo offices who told us that motorcycles are occasionally air shipped out of those cargo terminals. However, Columbia has a rule (so we were told several times) that an individual can not ship out of the country - you must use a broker. When we went to the brokers recommended, we were told we couldn't ship our motos by air. We paid a local "handler" to ride around with us in taxis to various brokers for half a day and were never able to set up transport. I can't imagine what someone who wasn't fluent in Spanish would have accomplished. So even with the flaws on the US end, Lyn Cargo was better than anything else, and with Veronica the service was above and beyond.

How was the rest of your trip? Anyone new trips in the near future?
The rest of the trip was pretty much a "sit there, twist that" ride home on the interstate for 4 1/2 days. I did run into an ADV riding partner at random while northbound on a Florida turnpike. He'd been at my house in California about a year ago - a small world kind of deal. Then in Texas, I got the worst tank of fuel of the whole trip. I spent several hours to figure out it was bad gas. I still have to pull the carbs (a royal PITA on a 950) to clean out the idle or low speed jets but I got home okay.

Trips in the near future - I don't know. I'm changing my residence to Montana so I'll be there for most of the summer and getting that squared away. An inmate here floated the possibility of racing the Baja 1000 last year which didn't go but maybe I'll give it a shot this year. Who knows?
For sure, some Baja trips will happen.

If you find yourself in the area of West Yellowstone, MT in the summer, let me know as I'm always looking for someone to ride with. I just finished my taxes and will start my trip report soon. Kudos to you for getting yours done and much of that while on the road.
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