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Loopin' toward home 4-8-13

It was Monday morning, not much going on work wise, I had my big bike over at mtngal's place near "the patch" over the weekend. Really nice day on tap so why not take a creative way home to the Haywood Hacienda, we'll perhaps I should say "mi casa" as its not an estate or plantation as such, just a place I call mine for now. It is off US 215 which is nice for me and my riding

So I'll just head north east instead of south and see what we find: Probably more sucky roads...and this place a few miles down the road that everybody recognizes with those rusty tags:

Some really nice folks run this organic farm just down the road and we get really good veggies and meats from them too.

With the snows melting in the higher plateaus, sounds like big deal mountains, and good rain over the weekend, there is more water in the streams.

And I hit the main drag down to "Hot Sprangs"

Here we go again on these darn awful roads. I guess the state gets tired of repalcing the guard rails every time a trucker tries to follow his GPS to dodge the weight scales

I picked up a follower near town...actually mtngal had to run into town to do a few errands for work and saw me headed through so I waited on her to have a brief chat before continuing on so here she is following me until I pull over. I don't mind getting pulled over by my sweetie

Headed on over the hill

This newer bike does not have the tire pressure monitor software like my older bike so I just installed an aftermarket tire pressure monitor system which I like so far. Not as important off road but I do a lot of interstate sometimes to get down the road to where I am exploring and I like knowing that my tires are not having problems with pressure or heat. Here the rear is showing 46 lbs warmed up. It will climb a good 4-5 lbs in the curves! Most recommended tire pressure are "cold" pressures and should be followed to prevent heat from building by over flexing the sidewalls. I run 40 in the rear on the big bike carrying a load or 2-up.

Haulin' fer TN..

A fun little connector between Flag Pond and 19W

TN does not build straight roads either...think I saw myself at one point in this curve...


Back in a bit with the rest of the story...
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