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Long time w/ little progress....

Life stuff getting in the way. OK for me, but lousy fer the thread. Rebuilt both carbs, used 24 hr Pine Sol dip as first step. Usual extremely detailed step-by-step on Greg's site, This Old Tractor. Only issues in the rebuild were having to order insulating gaskets for the intakes, and the bolts that hold them, also the carb inlet fuel filter is not part of the rebuild kit. But on the right carb, the previous owner or mechanic had driven the float pivot rod so far into the body of the carb that I can't get it out without tearing up the floats and probably the rod. Will check and see if I can order the rod, and if so, will probably get a set of floats just for standby. Meanwhile, on that carb, I just cleaned around the float needle, hoping for the best.

The right carb fit fairly well, gonna hafta relocate the battery tender lead, and mebbe tie the Bunn breather hose a little different, also need to look for good example of the throttle cable routing..

The left carb won't fit without some re-routing, both the positive and negative battery cables need to move, not a big deal me thinks, just need to yank the battery first. The intake venturi tubes do fit inside the K&N's, just needed a little bit of heat gun to get the rubber a bit more compliant. I'm a little surprised that I don't need some sort of sealant between the intake manifolds and the carb body, fits really tight, but it's just metal to metal, seems like it could give me an air leak.

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