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Originally Posted by gumshoe4 View Post
Hi, Warney. If you compare the overall length of the stalk against the depth of the lip, it seems to me that there's enough mass there to do the job.

Yes, this is the 3rd time it's happened since I bought the bike...which now has about 1200 miles on it.

Your idea about an aluminum brace is a good one, but I'll have to have a care to ensure all sharp edges are separated from the bulb wires.

I'll give this some thought and see what I can come up with...
Just another idea, JB weld the lip back onto the block, it might actually be stronger than it was originally. For additional strength you could then JB weld the block to the white plastic piece.this would all look ugly, but I'm assuming it would all be hidden inside the turn signal housing. Of course the correct way to fix is to order new parts, but since that method of repair has not worked three times, you need a new idea. Do you know if the other signals fail in the same place?
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