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Even with all of the pieces sitting in the garage, getting around to this job has been tough. Marion Gaborik and Billy Wagner would approve.

Time to finally make use of my Brown Mountain pass.

As usual, the water was unpredictable. Not much in the way of puddles, but streams where I have never seen running water before.

2 was kind of sloppy. I don't get it with the trail maintenance. Two guys with shovels could drain every slophole on trail 2 in a day, maybe two. Instead, they have tracked vehicles with jackhammers to bust up the rocks so the four wheelers can carry 50 quart coolers rather than just 30 quart coolers. I'm sorry, was I ranting?


1A --> half of 2 --> 1B --> 7 --> 5 and outa there.

I had never seen this waterfall before. I have a hiking destination.

If memory serves me, that might be the falls where the ranger arrested Samsquamch.
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