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For the road side and to water mouths needing dirt

Met up with Dirt Dad in Elkins Saturday night while route planning. He and Tom are leading rides with more dirt and I'll lead a road ride. Dirt is more fun but not for pillions on the back and I don't like to subject Karen to them. So here are a few photos from the planning trip:

Yes, there is nice pavement in West Virginny.

And interesting things to take photos at:

One thing to notice in almost all these photos is the amount of gravel on roads. Even roads that are great for a couple of miles will suddenly look like the following shot and yes, it can be like marbles on the pavement.
So leading a group of strangers, some 2-up, I do NOT plan to ride more than 5-10 mph over, may pick slowly or brake into curves and sections that I'd ride faster alone or with people I know, and can't emphasize enough:
We'll wait at the next stop sign or turn for you.

Because of the marbles, 2-up folks, being strangers of varying skill, etc, I'm planning to mostly (not entirely) use the numbered State roads, rather than county ones.

I'm thinking about lunch (upstairs porch) and a gas stop at Seneca Rocks if it fits the timing of the road route:

We may even wander up into PA. Again, notice the marbles on the road. We need some good Spring thunderstorms.

Sadly, Karen is busy and now won't make the ride. I'm still up for the road ride, but needed to console myself with some personal time as paved roads turned to gravel or less. Yeah, that's my story and I'm sticking to it!!!

So while still planning for a nice road ride, the rest of these shots just show gravel.

This was paved when it started miles back & it went into worse condition from here. No problem here, but not for folks the first time off pavement at the deep mud, wash-outs, and tree falls. Jon's getting stuck off to the right somewhere on the other side:

Different road while crossing a mountain and before it got really challenging. I took this a mile or two of blind corners before I nearly "met" a couple young guys 2-up coming the other way around a corner on a big quad, taking their half out of the middle. They were the only traffic I saw in a bit less than 20 miles on this road.

Snow near Laurel Fork (this is NF14 on April 14) and it was 34F when we got up in Elkins. The National Forest roads are well groomed and shouldn't be a problem for folks with less experience off pavement.

Same road that had Jon on the other side:

So here's to looking forward to seeing y'all in May! Sounds like Dirt Dad's done a great job of coordinating with Romney Cycle Center on OUR behalf!
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