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Originally Posted by ktownbobski View Post
New 700GS sitting in garage, raining for a few days so can't just try it, search didn't ptoduce anything for me, soooo . . my stupid question . . with the new switchgear on the 700GS does the 700 retain the auto cancel turn signal feature of the 650?
By default the indicators switch off after approximately 300m. The only issue is when riding in places like certain parts of France where it's customary/common practice to keep indicating while passing (even on the motorway) - not a problem for 1 or 2 cars, but if you're passing for much longer you need to reactivate them a number of times.

Why not ride it in the wet? Isn't that like the Mediterranean/East Asian tradition of keeping the packing plastic on a new sofa until it perishes? ...postponing the inevitable? 400 miles from Leeuwarden NL to London, and then 330 from Lands End to London last year, both trips in absolute downpours - these bikes are fantastic in bad weather. If you're worried about bits corroding, get yourself some ACF-50.
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