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had a great day!

started off a little damp, then the sun poked out right when we got to the good stuff... the hard way GPS only track. that was a blast.
got to the malt shop at the perfect time.. we were all super hungry!
after lunch, did some more hard loops and made our way back to Glen Helen.


this guy shows up with a female on the back

this guy is still drunk from yesterday

dunno what he's doing with his finger there

looks like the lady thinks that's funny

they're kinda cute though

these guys kept following me all day

when nature calls

a lot of ppl looking like they dunno where they're going

M&M get away

break on the hard loop

stoked to eat

3N somethin

then this happened

if your riding buddy stops, stop to see if he's okay.

I had to flag down a stranger for a pick up ride.

the days numbers...

0 beers consumed
100+ miles of dirt
3 flats (on NMBMN bike)
1 broken chain
countless kids lives saved because of a bunch of dirt bikers.

see ya next year!!!
"when there is no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth"
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