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The last few days have been very hectic.....and now I have 4 days left at work, then Cory and I leave for San Diego on Monday. So really only 7 days until we head south

Today was hugely productive and it seems the last minute push helped to motivate me and my crew. I got a proper 4 wheel alignment and they added a camber bolt to the left rear strut. I had already added one to the right. The tech said they got the rear perfect but the front was just a little more positive camber then spec, but still real close. Good enough for government work

I also got the wheels re balanced because they felt a little off. Well, the alignment and balance did wonders for the handling and as far as I am concerned, we are good to go in the suspension department. In fact, except for bolting up one of Ray's gas tank skid plates, we should be done under the car except for the final oil change in San Diego before we head to tech inspection on the 27th in Mexicali!

After the alignment I stopped by Ray's shop and he said he might get the window net buckle system welded up today. He also said he could maybe get to installing it later this week, but then remembered he had to leave town himself on Thursday. He told me he try his best to do it before he left because he would not be back until Sunday!

Needless to say, at this time in the game, I am pretty anxious about everything and pushing the window nets right up until the day we left was a little stressful, but I also knew we would have time in San Diego to fab them up there. That is why I am leaving so early to head south. We should arrive by wednesday and what better shake down than a 1200 mile jaunt down I-5

Luke will be driving the (Loud Al's) chase truck down towing his bike...and it will be a good shake down for the chase truck too. The extra day or two in San Diego will give us time to make repairs as needed following the journey south.

I left Ray's and headed over to Lonnie's. He was willing and able to finish up the graphics. So I washed the car and he got to work. He wanted to do some simple stuff but also let people know what the sponsors did ... actually it was just Ray, Tim and Lonnie that were not on the car yet (My buddy from the Interstate All Battery Center in Hillsboro and Beaverton was still trying to get me some stickers).

By NORRA rules we needed 4 inch numbers in front and 6 inch numbers in back. I wanted to incorporate the feel of our SL350 race bike that brought us to the finish line for the past two years, so Lonnie made up decals that are replicas of the bike's front number plate



Love for Ray:

Love for Tim:

More love for David:

I texted David that photo and he texted back that if the motor blows up during the race, quickly remove that sticker. I told him they were magnetic decals because I was already thinking ahead

And love for Lonnie, who decided to change his business name to a more appropriate one in honor of the M1K

Ray called and said he was ready to do the window net after Lonnie's, it was back to Ray's shop!

Ray came up with a system that I believe rivals, if not outshines the commercially available window net kits I have seen. I think we may end up making up more for sale at some point! Ray was able to use the rear seat belt components out of the Subaru, which I was hoping we could do.

The system will allow for easy removal by the occupants and by bystanders who may respond to help us out of the car in the case of an emergency. It's hard not to see the bright orange "Press" button and instinctually know what to do. The top bar is a quick release type which will then swing down and store out of the way when not being used. The bottom bar will be strapped to the door bar of the cage. It works so slick and it is stronger than it is required to be. Believe me, I know how lucky I am to have guys like David, Ray, Lonnie and Tim on the Outta Sight Payroll*

* Of course, the word "payroll" is used figuratively in this context

Ok...that's all for now. Still doing lots of logistics planning and ordering last minute things. It's going to be a nutty week!

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