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Originally Posted by bajaboundmoto View Post
Yeah, what Anders said.
Or if you are entering a section with possibly tricky navigation and you know someone near you is using GPS (you on roadbook or nothing like some do) then you can try to enter directly after and sponge off that person or if you want to avoid someone following you you can possibly make that happen.
OR, if you have what you think is a perfect plan to stop at a certain Pemex in Felipe (the one leaving town, but who would do that?) and that station happens to be closed and you have to double back to another station and it costs you just enough time to be, say, 2 minutes late to the start of the next Special maybe that was a piss poor plan...
So, what do you do? Ride the transit at 70 & hit the first Pemex n of San Felipe. Then hit the last one on your way out. If your lucky you'll get gas at both. Remember, racing is 1/3 skill, 1/3 prep & 1/3 luck. Good luck to all!
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