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one step closer

We're slowly making progress

We've now done a full service to the bike and added some farkles to add some longevity to the bike.

First up was a tool tube to carry some spares. Alan Cole of Reginald Cole & Co Ltd (02089912232) knocked up this bracket for me. It took quite a bit of time to get the measurements all right to allow the lid to come on and off without interfering with the panniers but we got there in the end and I'm very happy with the result. I just need to whack a bit of paint on it now and job done. Now that he's done one bracket he could knock up another a lot quicker.

Annoyingly the rear sprocket wouldn't fit in the bash plate so I've had to strap it here. I don't mind it actually, adds a bit of bling

Also added a fender extender to stop all the shit that gets flicked up in and around the radiator area

And added an Acerbis mudguard flap and R&G shock tube to give the shock a bit of love.

I also added a unifilter prefilter because changing the air filter is at least an hours worth of work because the tank and all the plastics need to come off. One of my only criticisms of the 800xc

I took the bike out to Big Jims Rims in Ealing, London to use some of their tools and change the tyres over. I've been going to these guys for awhile to swap the tyres over and because the rear is such a bastard to change they know me as the "guy with the Triumph". They gave out loads of helpful advice and I may need them during the trip (hope not!) so I thought I'd give them a mention (020 89970303)

And the finished product

As for the visa situation we've now got the Kazakh one in the passport and then the passport was promptly dropped off at the Azerbaijan visa centre. Of all the visas I must say the Azerbaijan has been the most frustrating. When I started planning last year it was possible to get a transit visa for 5 which allowed you 5 days but that's all changed now and it's only possible to get a 3-30 day tourist visa which requires an LOI. We don't plan on spending a lot of time in the country at all, simply to pass through, and all up with visa fees, administration fee and visa fee it came up to 120 or so each. Worst part about it though is they need the passport for 12 working days....which once we get that back means we have working day to get the Russian visa It's gonna be tight

Still, we're getting pretty pumped now and just want it to happen!
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