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Any TMT / PDR trail condition updates?

Originally Posted by meatwagon1 View Post
I made it to about Brattleboro VT on the puppy trail from Greenfield on Friday. The higher in elevation I got there, the more inclined I think you can say the same there as well. It is going to be a bad mud season as well.

A friend of mine and I planning to try to do as much of TMT into PDR as we can on the 26th-8. I know it won't be clear ver far up into VT, due to recent snow. Any latest 411 on what we might expect?

We're on a 1200gsa and an F800gs with Anakees and Shinkos.

(I'd go do a recon ride but am stuck in Paris until a few nights before the ride. )

We were thinking about whether there were good alternatives in CT or even eastern PA that might have better conditions now, but can't seem to find anything.
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