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DR died

My 2006 DR650se (52K miles) died several times in the last month, requiring the bike be hauled home. Just riding along, it died, like turning the key off. I read, talked and begged for input from friends. Last evening I found the problem.

The number plate was off, providing access to the wires at the headlight. When the engine would die, the nuetral light would get very dim. I happened to brush my hand over the plug coming from the kill switch. The wire was VERY hot, with the insulation starting to sag... just about a melt down.

I killed the key power and traced the wire to the left side of the bike under the side plate, just below the rectifier. The wire was worn 1/2 way thru and shorting to the frame. Fixed it by stripping insulation off enough to solder the frayed wire, taped it up and put on some plastic wire sheath as protection from future problems.

Rode it to work today with no problems.

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