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Originally Posted by BanhXeo View Post
Was just up there yesterday. It is quite beautiful. We actually rode the M9 up to just past Log Springs station where it turns into the M4. There is 2 large trees on the M4. One has a go-around and 1 is a go-over, to make it to the pass. We opted to turn around at the first tree as we were short on time to begin with and do a little exploring. We headed back past the Log Springs turn and towards Paskenta. Sign said 30 Miles. Found a turnoff on the way down that connected back to the M9. Came back through Paskenta and Corning...Hell of a day..I'm game to head that way anytime, just shoot me a PM.

...Even got to ride my friends GS for a bit, Holy Crap is that a fun bike
Just by chance,I know some trails out that way,mostly off of road 313 and Ive heard there are others. We used to drag dirtbikes out to Hull Rd/road 313 and unload at about 3500' and ride singletrack all over the place.

When you want to try some Ragdump singletrack I know every trail up that way,including some brand new ones. Put the stock tank on the 350,take any extras off and you have a great singletrack bike!
My 200XCW is the ultimate cheater bike up that way.
Some bikes around at times
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