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Originally Posted by rhino_adv View Post
A few miles east of Cowden in Shelby County, the Thompson Mill Covered Bridge crosses the Kaskaskia River. It was completed in 1868 at the cost of $2,500, which was a ridiculous amount of money back then and caused much controversy. In 1868 you could buy a nice house and 100 acres of land for $250. This wonderfully restored piece of Illinois history is located on a once important route between Effingham and Springfield. It's named for the owner of a mill that was located near the bridge.

I just thought I'd drop in and let you know that I work with a girl whose family owned the mill, surrounding land, and is the namesake for the mill and bridge. Her family still owns a fair amount of the ajacent land. Her grandfather who was nicknamed rooster, and went by "roost" carved his name in the bridge. You can see it in the last photo on the support to the left of "Kate + John".

I knew she was from Cowden, so I asked about the bridge when I came across the pictures in your thread. She proceeded to tell me all about the bridge and mill.

Great thread! It is a small world.
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