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Originally Posted by surlywill View Post
looking for a route to north side of Alamo lake. We are going to be on loaded big bikes so dont want to much rough stuff. What I am looking at is Signal road off of 93 to north Alamo lakr rd. Do any Inmates know of a route off 93 south of Signal rd? We will be coming from Camp Wood thru Bagdad. Thanks for any Help...
I'm not familiar with that part of Signal Rd. off US 93, but you can go ~8.5 miles north of there to Wikieup and take Chicken Springs Rd. south to hook up with roads that will take you to the north side of Alamo Lake. What is your eventual goal? Depending on what your big bike is and how loaded it is, you could have quite a chore getting across Brown's Crossing at the north end of the lake. If you just want to get to the lake, you could also head south on US 93 to Alamo Rd. and take that straight to the lake. That's very friendly even for a loaded big bike.
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