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Originally Posted by KingOfFleece View Post
WOW! The shots look absolutely fantastic.
Well done, sir. Well done indeed.
Thanks for your business- I enjoy helping out.

KingofFleece's products are a little tricky- when properly installed, it is difficult to "see" them- to visually differentiate them from the factory seat material.

Here's what I mean:

The cover fits the seat so well it is difficult to demonstrate them without the customer's eye skipping right over it. The product looks just like the seat- it conforms nicely to the lines of the seat, the texture of the material is smooth and compliant. I can use some light sources with different nature- a large, soft light from the top, kicked by a hard light as a edge/skim- that will accentuate the detail of the material. But if one can tell it's a seat cover, the product wouldn't be very good, right?

So, to tell KoF's story at a glance, we use some images to let customers know it's a very high-quality, high value product, not some old baggy old showercap.

Shape form and texture- create an image that makes a product look three-dimensional in a two-dimensional space. Show conformity of the stretchy material, but give enough visual clues to help them understand it's a cover.

At that point, however, the product begins to look like it might be difficult to install. People think they need to be an upholsterer or something and would have to bust out their glue pots and staple guns.

So we serve them this:

AH! Now the customer sees how it is installed and realizes it's pretty easy to do.

But what if we're running an ad, and have 1/10th of a second to get their attention and tell the story? Well, through the magic of digital imaging, we can do that.

One image tells the story. This helps the KoF reduce costs by running a smaller ad, or increase effectiveness by running a larger, or a larger number of ads. An image like this can become an icon of the product line and sell a lot of products.

But wait- we need something more "editorial", something that suggests richness, attention to detail, and speaks more to KingofFleece as a brand as opposed to simply a collection of products. And since the cover is there, the lighting is there and I have a camera (with a lens!) I can bust out something like this:

An image like this is great to have in the arsenal- it can be the cover shot for the FB/Twitter page, a background for other images on the website or for "press releases" as an institutional image. It suggests the idea of value.

I had fun with this shoot, and thanks for your business, Jim!

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