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blue cheese meatloaf.....hmmmmmm....that sounds good!

One light had a hint of moisture on the inside of the lens, the other had lots of droplets. I already opened the lights once to dry 'em out and make sure the rubber gaskets were put in looked like they were. I put 'em back together and I carefully alternated the allen bolt tightening to make sure the lens plates went on 'evenly'. At this point, one's staying dry for now, but it was under a cover for the last heavy rain. The other went right back to showing the water droplets, despite being under the cover.

Not much room for silicone on the gaskets without risking it getting on the reflectors. I'm thinking I might just wrap a section of bicycle innertube around the lights right at the seam between the lens housing and the light body.....

.....but, for a light designed for the front of a 4x4 that could see submersion repeatedly during serious four-wheeling trips.....I shouldn't have to........just sayin'
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