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Day 1:
Denmark – Vielsalm (Belgium) – 800 km.

Finally the day for departure arrived.
I got home from work after a 24 hours shift (I work as a paramedic) at 8 am. As I had only got a couple of hours sleep during the shift, I wanted to get a bit of sleep before taking off, but after breakfast with my girlfriend I was so eager to get going that sleeping was out of the question.
At 9 am I was dressed up, had kissed my girlfriend goodbye and was ready to hit the road.

After one hour of riding I got to the ferry to Germany.

The crossing time is only 50 minutes so before long I was cruising down the “autobahn” at 150 km/h. Normally I try to avoid the highways when riding motorcycles, but I wanted to get south to warmer weather and after 5 months with no riding even riding the highway felt great. On big parts of the German highways (autobahn) there is no speed limit, which allowed me to ride as fast as I wanted without having to check the clock all the time.

I had no fixed plan on how far I would go before calling it a day. The weather was perfect with blue sky, not too much wind and the temperature just kept rising – when I hit Hamburg around noon the temperature had already reached 26 degrees.

2 times during the day I got slowed down by traffic jams (“stau” in German) on the autobahn coursed by accidents. When hitting a stau it was great rideing a bike and be able to split lanes. The first stau was 10 km long but only slowed me down 10 minutes. The second was twice that and took a bit longer, because people had been stuck for so long, that many had left their cars and was walking around between the lanes which makes lane splitting a bit more tricky.
Here I got to the front of the first stau just 2 minutes before they had cleaned up and opened 1 lane to let the traffic pass.

I was doing good time and late in the afternoon I was nearing the border to Belgium. As I was still feeling surprisingly fresh, I decided to ride on to “Baton Rouge” a motorcycle-inn located in the Ardennes in the south of Belgium. I’ve stayed there several times before and Ben and Hetty who owns and run the place have become more like friends than just hosts. It’s still early in the season and I wasn’t sure if they were open for guests, so I shot Hetty a text message asking if they had a bed avalible for me – she answered that of cause they did and they would love to see me.

I soon got off the autobahn and the rest of the days driving was on bountiful small roads through the Ardennes.

I arrived at Baton Rouge just in time for dinner, and as always Hetty’s cooking was a real treat. The rest of the evening was spend in good company with a beer in my hand.

When I finally got to bed my sleep deprivation caught up to me, and the second my head hit the pillow I was out cold.

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