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Originally Posted by Prophex View Post
Hi all!

First amazing weather of the year here in Belgium and wanted to take my baby out of hibernation.

After only 15min and about 10km away from home, I noticed my rear was breaking out alot. Even on simple turns. It felt squirmy... I had a flat! I pulled a small nail out of my rear tire.

I've never fixed a tire on a motorcycle before. (My scooter, which I drive to work, has tubeless tires and I've plugged those on several occasions.) The rear tire on my KLX is a (stock) Dunlop D605 G and has "Tube Type" written on it. I guess this is not a tubeless tire, like on my scooter? Which would mean alot more work to get the tube fixed/replaced?

What's next?
  1. Is there a way to take the tube out, without removing the wheel? And then fixing it, like you would do on a bicycle with a small rubber patch?
  2. If I do have to remove the entire rear wheel, how would I go about doing this? (My guess: remove chain > remove rear axle > take wheel off.) But if you have to remove the chain, (by taking the master link off) will I need to put a new master link on or can I reuse the old one?
  3. How hard is it to take the tube out, once the wheel is off? What tools will I need? (... to buy)

I might consider having the tire fixed by my motorcycle shop, but since they are about 20min away, I'll have to take the rear tire off anyway... So it might be cheaper to do it all myself. Unless... Could I try and plug the tire, like you do on a tubeless one? Will that hold (long enough) to reach my shop and have them sort out everything for me? Or will that ruin everything?

Sry for all the questions.
CyclePedia is your friend:

I was a total newb 3 years ago, and have used cyclepedia to do A LOT of work (rebuilt my 1st motor, albeit not on my big KLX, tires, chains, bars,etc). The pictures really help
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