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Originally Posted by Beez View Post
I rewatched the 450 main and when Dungey passes Villapoto the first time he looks back as they go over the finish line jump and then again in the right hand bowl turn after the jump. It almost seems like RD5 is checking up and letting RV2 re pass him. But then RV2 slams into him and it's on for the rest of the race. I think if Dungey didn't look back twice and just kept it pinned he would have blown by RV1 and taken the lead from there until the end.
Yeah Looking back cant help the concentration,just gotta go! RV does kinda let Dungey by once its obvious Dungey is coming by sooner or later anyway.
RV starts to drop low to block but Dungey is already there and blowing by.
Its just one race but great to see KTM top both classes again and somebody give a challenge to Villapoto.

Its obvious again that if somebody slides up close to RV and dawgs him that he can be shook. Cant win em all.

Great Race! Again! Good to great season all the way through.
Some bikes around at times
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