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Originally Posted by D_A View Post
It is misaligned, but not by much. Just use the same procedure already mentioned but be willing to wiggle it around some and it should drop down that last bit.

Have a look here at the parts diagram (it's interactive so you can zoom in etc)

The rod locates in a bearing in the bottom part of the clutch cover and there's a notch in the shaft that locates it on a rod in the clutch assembly. Obviously it will till work if it's close enough, but you should be able to get it seated all the way down with a little patience.
Well I wiggled and wiggled for hours and it never dropped down. I went into the dealership to look at another 2012 just like mine and the one they had just assembled looked exactly like this -- sticking up about 1/4". I'm not saying they assembled it correctly, but if there is a way it should fit other than this I have no idea how to make it happen and apparently neither does my dealer tech. Any Kawasaki certified mechanics or engineers want to throw us a bone here?
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