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Originally Posted by Twin-shocker View Post
Running oil injection on any bike not intended purely for road use isnt that great an idea, as it means to more to do wrong, and 2T motors never seem to run as cleanly on injection, when compared to pre-mix.

Removing the injection was always the first thing to do on the old TY Yams, and as well as making the bikes more reliable and better running, the throttle action becomes much lighter.
Are you sure? Because I raced and rode 250 Yamaha enduros a lot,loaned the bike out and let other people race it or ride it,all with oil injection and it always worked great with 0 problems,ran clean as can be. They are adjustable for how much oil is injected and it's dirt easy to do so.

SO much easier then mixing gas all the time.

Of course the bike wasnt 30 years old at the time.
Some bikes around at times
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