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Originally Posted by Twin-shocker View Post
"I have a 1976 Yamaha DT 250C enduro and I am trying to get any information about this bike that I can find out. I was thinking about bypassing the oil injection and just premix it myself. I just cant rely on the injection system."

In this case I guess the OP has already had problems with his Autolube?................In the real world unless he is doing high mileage on the road and needs to carry several litres of 2T oil, carrying a 500cc graduated bottle of 2T on his bike, and adding to fuel as required is no real hassle, and will provide 100% reliability, with no chance of Autolube tank running dry, and bike seizing miles from anywhere!
Why would the oil tank run dry if you dont let it do so,there's a cap on top you put oil in and a window on the side to check level. Its not hard.
And the injection is real simple and works great with even the slightest of care.
Some bikes around at times
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