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means summit with cross roads
from Spiti, Ladakh, Zanskar and Lahaul meet here
and in ancient times it was part of a trade route.
On the North West lies the Bhaga River
while the Chandra flows South East.
Near below the Baralacha-la is having
a beautiful emerald lake the Suraj tal (Sun lake),
the source of the river Bhaga.

Legend Folklore

Folklore states that there were two lovers,
Chandra being the daughter of the Moon
and Bhaga the son of the Sun god.
To perform their eternal marriage,
they decided to climb to the Bara-lacha-la
and from there they ran in opposite directions.
Chandra being active and smart easily,
found her way and reached Tandi
after covering the distance of 115 km (71 mi).
Soon Bhaga was found coming
with great struggle through the narrow gorges to Tandi,
where consequently both met and
the celestial marriage was performed.
Bhaga covered about 60 km (37 mi) distance,
which was very difficult (wikipedia)

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