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Friday Ride Report ...

Friday Ride Report ...

Originally Posted by slogger View Post
Have any of you Sequoia locals been up into the Puites this season? Curious if it's ridable yet.
Any report would be great.
Originally Posted by pcvance View Post
Hey Louis,
Last Friday the Grinch and Catfish rode across the Piutes from Keysville to Landers, should be ready to ride. The Stewards have been working on clearing the trails of downed trees too.
Yeah, we rode up from Erskine/Willow Gulch to Long Canyon to Dry Meadow. Sweet singletrack! Several downed trees on top, but most had bypasses.

The Grinch at a Piutes squid filter!

Then met a couple of guys coming up behind us and learned of a singletrack to the east they led us to. It was sweet until we caught up to the same 2 riders at a big-ass tree across the trail.

2nd downed tree in the background

It took all four of us a bit to help the tree further down the steep hill & unblock the trail. City Nav. shows it as an "unpaved road", but its clearly & delightfully singletrack.

Originally Posted by junglemototours View Post
Only open to dues paying Stewards...
Most of the gates are still locked, Landers gate was opened Saturday
We cleared a few trails (300+ trees) but every wind storm will bring down more trees....carry a saw.
Gates?!? We didn't see no stinkin' gates!

Most all snow is gone, but lotsa downed trees. Yeah after this weekend, a saw would be a good idea. Maybe the 21" Corona pruning saw & scabbard?

We continued down to Piutes Mtn Road and turned west instead of east. We could not find a cabin with a jungle-black Tacoma out front anywhere. A red truck with dirt bikes pulled up & rolled the windows down. The driver looked familiar, but I could not place where. He asked me if the Beta was mine & said he had met me before somewhere & talked about the Beta. But we could not figure out when/where. Weird.

However, he knew where Nate's cabin was AND had just seen the dark Tacoma parked in front! We headed east with a better description, and met Jungle & Burmshot on their bikes just in front of Nates. Burmshot took us up to his cabin for a quick look & a gps track to the front door.

Rode some side trails with Burmshot & Jungle as they headed towards a lookout, and then split up & rode back to k'ville. Forgot to pull the camera out when the 4 of us were together. D'OH!!!

However, I did get this shot of Lake Isabella on the way back to camp.

While we were Piuting, the k'ville clearing filled with So.Cal High-School MtnBike Race crowd and their 12 porto-potties.

Max was guarding camp & Perry returned from his ride.

Catfish ...
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