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Uncle Duke checking in re:COTA

Once again, I apologize for being a slacker on this excellent board. Just got done reading this thread and can't agree more with most of the comments. I will be a corner marshal at COTA but only reluctantly: had I not signed up before the Kevin fiasco, I would have never, ever offered my services to this track. Oh, for the record, while i was not able to find any of the Free Kevin shirts in time, I'm taking all of my #34 shirts with me to wear under my Smurf suit and for sure will have one on the last day when we turn in our Smurf outfits. I am also planning on writing the track a nice letter why I will never volunteer for them again.

I chatted with a number of my friends that worked at both F1 and Rolex GrandAm and none of them will ever go back in this lifetime. Very sad situation that the track is trying to do everything "their way" and not take advantage of the numerous groups that know how to put on a race.

Preliminary reports include: lousy traffic management in and out of the facility, about on par with the recent trafiic clusterfucks at Laguna Seca, long lines and interminable waits for the civilians at the food booths, terrible motorcycle parking (BRING YOUR HOCKEY PUCKS FOR THE SIDE STANDS!), and numerous internal weirdnesses for the track workers that I won't list here and now.

I will have a report of the view from my corner after I get home. If anyone wants to reach me, my cell phone is still 517.927.8023 and I'm still Ken Browde.

Oh, one more thing: USAC is not working this event and as of this moment, I have no idea what group is doing Race Control. I know its not my group for sure, and I'm pretty sure its not the local SCCA group and frankly, I am concerned that Race Control may not be the well-oiled machine we have come to expect at other venues.

Should be an interesting weekend.

I'll be staying at the Wyndam Hotel so if any other ADV folks working this event are staying there as well, I'll see ya later today (Wednesday) or at the Worker's Meeting Thursday. Look for the cigar and the Indy hat.

All my best,

UD (ken browde)
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