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I actually made it out of Giddings, Texas after 10 days off the road!

Now, before my in-laws threaten to kill me, I want to tell you that Giddings was always a stop on this trip. It was originally planned for 4, maybe 5, days. Stop, visit with family and help Edward with his house. And, I'm certainly thankful that I was able to limp a badly broken scooter into a town where I had a great support system. And, I'm certainly very grateful for all their help, from a place to stay to the loan of a vehicle. I'm hoping that my leaving shortly after the Helix was repaired didn't seem too abrupt to them. Hopefully not, I'll be back this way come September.

It seems like I rode out of Giddings several weeks ago when, in fact, it was only three days ago. I left in the early afternoon of this past Sunday. I was headed just down the road to Houston. My son Marc, and his family, just recently moved to Houston from Alaska.

The ride from Giddings to Houston was like riding any freeway that you've ever been on. It's not actually a freeway but it sure looks and feels like it.
Years ago, back in the 70's, I lived in Houston, way back before it looked like it does now. For those of you who live in the Houston area, when I lived there, the Loop 610 bridge over the Houston ship channel wasn't there. The Beltway only existed between between I-45 and Hwy 59. And there was lots of woods between FM 1960 and Conroe. Now, the 610 bridge has been there almost 40 years, the Beltway is a huge toll road, Hwy 59 right there is now I-69 and the woods have long since been bulldozed into oblivion. I did go by to see if my old house is still there and it is, but I'm not sure I'd ever want to move back to the old neighborhood.

It was around 5pm when I finally found Marc's house. We had a real nice visit. Now, please indulge grandpop because I just have to post a picture of the two bestest grandkids in the entire world! Oops, sorry, I meant to say that they're the two bestest grandkids in MY world. I'm sure that your grandkids are the bestest in your world.

Now, tell me that the little guy doesn't look like the E-trade baby. His hair grew in and they fired him! BTW, the E-trade baby's name is Ash and his big brother is Milo. I just wanted to throw that in, just in case you see them in the park.

I tried for very frustrating 5 hours to get something posted yesterday. Way back when, I complained about how long it took me to get on the road each morning because I was writing up the ride reports in the wee hours of the am. Now, it looks like that was the way to go. Maybe my wifi problems are related to the motels I'm staying at having lots of guests, all trying to file ride reports.

It's about time for me to sponge up as much food as I possibly can from the free motel breakfast.

Afterwards, I'll try to get you from Houston to Ferriday, Louisiana, in my continuing search for Helix!
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