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Originally Posted by vwboomer View Post
Got the filter set up today. Thanks

In all actuality I will probably wait a week or two to get it on. working lots of hours and feebly attempting to do a bath remodel at the same time

I doubt I have stock jets, so will wait until I pull it apart to order any. Probably use a set of 42 pilots until after the trip, the 45's after for more power/screw economy. I normally got 35mpg with the current set up - can't be much worse than that.

So you're generally not running a richer jet on the rear cylinder? Thought normally it was a little richer due to the heat......
Nope, I run the same mains though I'm in the minority. Most everyone goes one or two up on the rear. Intake runs are unequal and there is an argument for heat in the rear...though the motor is water cooled.

35 isn't too bad if you're spanking it. Leisurely touring and yeah, not so great. This is more often than not caused by too high a float height. I bet its set at the factory 3mm? Guys generally bump the jets and raise the needle making it very rich through the bottom end. Let us know what you find when you dig into it...and good luck with the bath remodel.
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