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This weekends race was being held up in Chipley, Florida and put on by the Tallahassee Trail Riders (TTR). The property is beautiful with acres of large mature pines with little elevation change but good dirt(no sand) and some muddy/clay areas to keep things interesting. The area had received a good amount of rain Thursday night so conditions were looking prime!
Haley was once again out to get seat time and work on getting her confidence back. A few good wrecks this year has her cautious yet willing to work on her skills as she told me she was concentrating on her body position in the corners (thanks Lacey(Womens A) for the tips!).

8th out of 9 in Junior C.

My experience with this race has not been pleasant. First year I lost my shifter and last year it was a flat tire so my goal at this point was just not to have any mechanical issues. I was having problems with my glasses fogging on the practice lap so I made the decision to race without them. Things far away looked fuzzy but maybe not seeing all the roots in the trail would be to my advantage..ha! I was also using roll-offs on my goggles for the first time so much unknown.

The track was in great shape Sunday morning but a light rain greeted us on the line. Nine SSB racers jumped at the horn as William St. Laurent(#240) pulled the hole shot with Don Chriss (#24) and then myself falling in line. A few miles in Will slowed and let us by as he had arm pump so bad he didn't want to hold us up..thanks! Another little bit and i managed to loose the rear on a off camber corner and go down..dang it! I'm not sure how many guys passed me as I remounted and took off in catch up mode. At one muddy/rutted section I came up David Widner(#46) laying in the mud. Later in the lap I passed Don Chriss trying to pull his bike out of a giant rut.

Now when it comes to mud I have veeeery limited experience. My approach was slow and steady with feet out and the look of a man totally out of his element. I simply didn't want to spend the energy trying to fix anymore mistakes than necessary. The first lap came to an end as I looked over...SSB... 1st place! I figured that it had to be a scoring error as I simply didn't remember passing that many people back. 1/2 way into the next lap I hear a bike behind me and look over to see David McAurther(#42). I haven't raced against Dave much this year but since he had caught me I let him by so I could follow him. Soon i realized Dave is a master of the mud. There was a section about 100yds long of black soupy mud before the boat jump...yes, boat jump and he was up on the pegs and pulling away!!. I 'd manage to reel him back in via the faster woods sections but we came through to finish the 2nd lap and I was in 2nd place..mmm...maybe the scoring isn't wrong.

Dave laid the bike over in a corner..I pass him. I'm waddling through the mud and back by he comes. I'm staying on his tail but not pushing the issue. We come to the last muddy creek crossing and i pick a better line...sort of. I have to hop off the bike and pin the throttle but after flopping the bike over on the other side I get it picked back up and take off in first...3rd lap ends that way too.

4th lap and here we go again..Dave passe me in the muddy section and pulls some time on me but I close back up in the's going to come down to the last creek crossing it seems. Dave disappears into the woods and I round the corner to see what happened...he's buried! Seems a course worker had suggested a line that was deeper than he thought. I look to the far right as another workers tells me I can make it if i pin in we go. I manage to get the front wheel on firm ground as I hop off the bike again to pin the throttle and push. Just as I get out to the other side I look over and so see Dave frantically trying to free his bike to no avail. For the rest of the lap I just concentrate on staying smooth. The checked flag greets me with a scoring display that says "1st" and I still can't believe it. I had thought on the last lap I didn't care who won as it was so much fun battling with Dave..felt bad for him as he finally rolled through in 5th place..all because of one bad line. What a fun race!

Super Senior B
Place Bike Number Rider Name Bike Brand City, State Points Scored Promotion Points Counted Laps Elapsed Time

1 117 Troy Stainbrook
Odessa, FL 50 10 4 1:43:10

2 46 David Wildner
New Port Richey, FL 47 5 4 1:44:16
3 8 Levic Allen
Valrico, FL 45 4 4 1:44:18
4 325 Frank Gamperl
Deerfield Beach, FL 43 3 4 1:45:25
5 42 David McArthur
Cocoa, FL 41 2 4 1:45:45
6 240 William St Laurent
Longwood, FL 40 0 4 1:48:11
7 24 Don Chriss
Orlando, FL 39 0 4 1:48:13
8 35 Daniel Holder
Apopka, FL 38 0 3 1:29:10
9 21 David Davis
Lake City, FL 18 0 2 0:56:02

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