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Suited back up and headed north again... now it was REALLY windy and had a couple of challenging moments when the winds would come whipping up the sides of the cliffs and slam into you... but it was still really pretty to look at!


I originally was going to check out a couple of other roads but in the interest of time and getting to the Andiron at a decent time, I just decided to wing it straight up 1... however, those plans were re-routed when there was an accident near Sea Horse Ranch so they had closed that section down and were detouring traffic along a couple of roads that are less than conducive 4-wheel vehicles, much less 2-way traffic! The first part was Timber Cove Rd. lulling cars into a false sense of security...

Then it was onto Seaview Rd. which had sections that were barely wide enough for one vehicle... to say I proceeded with caution around those blind hairpins was an understatement!

Then Hauser Bridge to Tin Barn Rd., both narrow, goaty, and beautiful...

I saw this driveway and thought it'd be a cool setting for a photo opp so I pulled in and started to turn the bike around when something on the ground caught my eye... GULP!

I wondered what had picked clean the poor creature and then got a little spooked... got the shot and got the hell outta there!

And finally, Stewarts Point Rd. (the west end of Skaggs Springs)...

Reminded me of the Swiss Alps or something... stunningly gorgeous!

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