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Originally Posted by SilkMoneyLove View Post
You are thinking these rules are for safety? interesting.

The counter argument is that our taxes are pooled and spent by our elected officials. Road taxes are spent just as fast as any others and not necessarily on roads. the fact that some say they pay more in taxes ( and how would they know what others pay?) really doesn't matter as it is the VOTES that decide who gets to spend the government money and on what.
But really roads are there for people to travel. A 45mph speed limit simply means the upper limit. When someone on a scooter or a combine is in front of me going 20 mph, I do not have the right to bump them out of my way. People walk on roads all the time. Even in the city and in some places, even on the interstate. Out in Wyoming I remember seeing farm equipment, bicycles and pedestrians on the interstate because there really is no "other" road.

Would I say having such a difference in speed a safe thing? No. I agree that it is not that safe, however, how far down the safety road do we motorcyclists want to travel? They could ban 2 wheelers pretty easily I think.
In MI, there's a 45 mph minimum speed restriction on limited-access highways. It's felt that slower traffic is a hazard and should travel on alternate routes.

Over the years, a few communities here have tried to exclude motorcycles and found out in court that any street that has been built and/or maintained with public tax dollars can't be closed to any licensed passenger vehicle that pays road and fuel taxes.
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