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Day 3:
Angouleme (France) – Salamanca (Spain) – 850km.

I got up early and left the hotel at dawn. When I took off it was still a bit chilly – only about 10 degrees – but soon the temperatures started to rise in earnest. At noon when I arrived at the Atlantic coast just north of the border to Spain the temperature exceeded 30 degrees.

Besides warm weather and a blue sky, the route made this day the best so far. The scenery was beautiful and much of the route went along winding roads that inspired spirited riding.

At one point during the afternoon, I had a pit stop at an old roadside spring. It was a lovely place with shade and cold potable water - I can just imagine travelers in the old days taking a break at this location.

A short time later my riding style caused some unwanted attention.
As I was going through a village, I was overtaken by a motorcycle cop and when I looked in the mirror I could see another one behind me. The cop in front then turn on the blue lights and signaled me to pull over.
To begin with the officers were a bit gruff as they had been chasing me for nearly 10 kilometers before they caught up with me after I had overtaken a number of cars ignoring a yellow line.
Their mood improved when we started talking and they found out that I was not a criminal running from the law. In the end I got a 50% reduction on the fine, and it didn’t mentioned anything about speed violation, only crossing a yellow line when overtaking.

The Strom in good (bad?) company:

A story richer and a few euros poorer, I soon after arrived in Salamanca where I found a hotel facing a park located only 5 minutes’ walk from the city center.

The view from my room:

When I had unpacked the bike, I changed into something more comfortable and walked downtown to find a good place to get something to eat. I ended up at a sidewalk cafe that served tapas and cold beer.

Relaxed and with a full stomach I then took a stroll around town before returning to my hotel.

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