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Route 66 Continued

Hello everyone, I'm back on the Mother Road! Left Arkansas and headed to Santa Rosa, NM where I had stopped on my last ride. As I was zipping through Texas I noted a sign so I pulled in and got a picture of it. I missed this on my last report somehow.

644 miles later I arrive in Santa Rosa, NM and get a room at Motel 6 and crashed. Long boring day on the interstate. Tomorrow should be much better.
I woke to a bright and sunny day and promptly hit the route.
Saw a lot of closed diners and old service stations today, sad to say the least.

This old gas station was not a "Trading Company" I didn't stop to see what they were selling.

I could not believe all the Volcanic rock I was seeming in NM

I looked up some information on it. Pretty interesting.
It seems that each of the Southwestern states has an apparent geologic specialty. If so, and Arizona is the big Canyon state, Utah is the Mesozoic fauna state, and Colorado is the big snow-capped Rocky Mountains state, then what is New Mexico? New Mexicans need only look out their windows for the answer: New Mexico is the Volcano state. New Mexico has one of the greatest concentrations of young, well-exposed, and uneroded volcanoes on the continent. And as a bonus, it is also the Rift Valley state; it has one of only four or five big continental rifts in the world, East Africa being one of the other ones. The fact is, New Mexico is one of the best places to study the natural history of volcanoes. Twenty percent of the U.S. National Parks and Monuments based on volcanic themes are in New Mexico. There are more here than Arizona, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington combined.

These guys Blakes Lotaburger kind of look like an old diner but they are actually a chain out of Albuquerque with over 83 locations!

Interesting tunnel on the route.

Not too long after that I hit Arizona.

By now it's getting late in the day so when I hit Holbrook, AZ. I notice a waypoint for the Wigwam Motel I had to stay here tonight, this looked like too much fun to pass up.

They had an old classic car parked by most of the Wigwams, or Tepees as I like to call them. Here is a very short video of what they look like inside.
I walked down the street a block from the hotel and find this

Slept real good that night even though they had a bunch of trains running behind the motel all night. Seems they have a big switch yard here.

Next day I hit Winslow, AZ and "Stand'n on the Corner" as the song goes I take my obligatory photo of Earl's Motel.

An old service station that is now a salon.

I hit Seligman, AZ and they had a lot of shops catering to the Route 66 motif

I pushed on toward Flagstaff and then hit Kingman around one o'clock. Unfortunately, the wind had gotten so strong and was gusting to around 45-50 knots I was just played out. As I pulled into get a drink I had the misfortune to see a truck pulling a horse trailer pull right in front of another motorcyclist. Found out he lost his life too. I figured I had gone far enough for now and after a short rest and some food I decided to abort the rest of the trip and headed back home. At any rate. I hope you find this report to be of interest, the west has a lot of distance between towns in some cases and I ended up riding 2700 miles in five days by the time I got back home.

Was fun I stayed dry if not beat up by the high winds. Till next time. Ride safe my friends.
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