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This has been my favorite RR on here so far. Keep up the good work Antihero you really are an inspiration to new riders such as me. I cant thank you enough for sharing what has been an extremely personal part of your life. Its folks like you that inspire people to push thier personal boundaries of whats possible. I honestly hope you can make the Euro trip happen you have given me so many hours of pure entertainment, tips, hints and tricks I cant thank you enough. You should come up with your own little sticker LOL.

Sticker slogan submissions:
"Antihero doesnt know limits"
"Antihero says F@#$ it lets ride!"

Ok sorry just havin a little fun back to your RR
I keep trying to convince the powers that be to let me work on the planes from home so I can ride more but they dont seem to be bitting ..... strange!
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