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Originally Posted by rockhopjohn View Post
Nice, a TW200 was my first enduro. I remember coming home at 13-14 after hitting a hidden culvert in the swail I was riding in at about 50 MPH, I launched the bike almost 80', I few 60'. Somehow I managed not to total the bike, or myself, and ride it home (after bending the handlebars back). I had to sheepishly tell my dad about it. He was just glad I was OK.

Anyway, the TW is a great little bike, and pretty much the perfect bike to learn on. Doesn't sound like your daughter is too hot to go riding just yet.
My best friend endo'd my TW200 too. I watched him get crossed up in the whoops going to fast (TW200 ~ not the bike to be cruising through whoops on, at speed). Watched him go right over the handlebars, then watched my new TW200 (less than 2k miles on it, and 6 months old) do three cartwheels before coming to rest. It was a rough day. Broken collar bone, trashed bars, fairing tank... pretty much the everything in front of the footpegs was toast, save the rim and forks.

Ride your own ride & enjoy your ride.

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