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I flew down to Costa Rica 9 days ahead of my friends. I just rented a xr250 and got service on my iPhone. Why not do a live ride report is real time for the next 9 days? There is 3G service everywhere. Here comes my first really real time report.
This is Thorsten. After some negotiating and name dropping my blogging over at RoadRunner magazine he dropped the rental price from $55 to $36 a day. Off to a great start.

I have a friend who lives in Playa da Coco who happened to be in San Jose when I flew in yesterday. He picked me up and took me to to rent the bike. We separated and I picked up a sim for my phone and we met back up 1/2 way back to his home.

With 150k still to go before coco I find myself driving at night. Something I try not to do, but what I end up doing a lot.

Luckily the road didn't have any surprise potholes to kill me and I made it in safe to find a spider and scorpion in the house waiting to welcome me home.

Now I'm all caught up and the rest of the report will be real time as I shoot the photos, and yes, I already have a poop picture on deck if anyone was curious.

Tomorrow I'm going out fishing on the pacific with Gary who is one of my commercial fishing buddies from Alaska. Should be a great time.

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