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Originally Posted by HoneyBunz View Post
Fill up your tummy before entering, bring plenty of bottled water.
If that's not enough , smuggle in a protein bar.
Laguna Seca had a bad experience with customer relations a few years back when it was 115F race day and they were rippin people for bottled water. Things got desperate and they started giving water away after they had enough emergencies. They have changed for the better now, but it took an extreme event to open their eyes to the downside of gouging.
Agree 100%. Laguna now puts on a great event! I fully expected Texas to be much more lenient with their rules, but will be filling flasks this evening and trying to figure out how the hell I am getting to the track! Was banking on a shuttle as advertised a few months ago for MotoGP, but probably cabbing it now... Anyone want to carpool to the track Friday morning PM me. Staying at Hampton Inn convention center. irregardless, it's gonna be an awesome weekend!
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