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Originally Posted by G-Mac View Post
Ok so how are they. Looking forward to hearing these are in the top 2 of my rear tire pick. Other is the k60. Front will be the E-10 or tkc80.
Hey G-Mac,

I'm at just over 3000kms now and very happy with them. Some of my quotes from my other posts on them:

"I have run a TKC in the front with the K60 (140) and an E09 in the rear. The TKC is has a very soft casing (I usually will hit something hard) and I wanted something just a bit more open too. Hence the E10.

It hits all those marks and so far I'm very happy with the combo. 2000kms and the E07 is wearing very well and the E10 has barely any wear. I do take it easy on the front brake with knobbies so I don't ramp 'em. Cornering wise I have scrubbed them right over too the very last row of "pricklies" which is very far's a round tire. TKC's were scrubbed right over the edge easy...they are more square.

Wet pavement traction has been very good. Predictable too.

I ran the E09 mostly with the Pirelli Scorpion Rally last year and I was happy with that combo for dirt but I took 'em off to save them from all the pavement over the Fall/Winter.

I'm keen to try the E10 in the back next."

"I'll give the front E10 about a 95% of the TKC on the pavement wet and dry. It's a rounder tire though too so it has slightly quicker turn in.

Off road I think it's better in the braking dept. and I think it corners a bit better too. So far I'm happy with it.

Don't go too low on the air pressure with the TKCs. They are very soft, esp up front. Not a great combo with our soft rims.

I haven't run a TKC rear on this bike (or the E10 yet) just the K60, E09 and now the E07. Based on this I expect the E10 to be very comparable all round to the TKC but maybe with a little bit longer life, a few $$ less and probably a bit better bite in the soft and cornering. The E07 I expect will have a little less drive and braking grip but about twice the life if not more.

So far I've been very happy with the E07 as a 50/50 rear."


Scorpion Rally thread:


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