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Check you oil, sir?

Originally Posted by panFiluta View Post
My bike breaks EVERY time I take my earplugs out and ride without them.
Yeah, some truth to that. But I was riding yesterday earlier in the day without them (forgot to put them in after a stop) and didn't hear anything odd. But I think it may not be so complicated. I popped it up on the center stand this morning and I'm down just below the minimum oil level. I started it up just for a minute this morning and no strange noises, but the engine is cold, not warmed up. Could it be I just need some oil? I've covered 2900 miles since the oil change I did last month just before leaving, so I'm going to find a liter of motorcycle oil in the market this morning and add that and see what I get on a little ride. Might even think about changing it sometime before I get home, it's another 2500 to 3000 miles depending on how far south I go. Never even thought about oil changes on a long road trip, but around home I'd never go 6000 miles without doing it.

My excuse for not checking this last night was that it was very dark when I arrived at my friend's apartment, and I'd been on the road for 13 hours. And I'm kind of dumb that way.
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