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yeah, Indy is a comparative bargain, AND you're allowed to take in your own beer! They also don't rape you on prices if you do decide to purchase food or drink at the track, in fact, some things seem relatively reasonable(fried pork loin sandwich!!) Hate to say it, but unless those rules that COTA published was written before this week, it sounds like they are taking advantage of the horrible situation in boston and using it to make money. No food or beverage????? WTF, come on guys, that is just fucking stupid. your allowed unopened bottles of water, WHOOOOPPIIEEEEE!!! Do they really think there is gonna be some type of attack at an event that receives damn near zero media coverage in this country? I think the chance of something happening at a motogp race is slim to none.
Fuck that place, they suck. shame too, cause it looks like a great track, but they lost me when they fucked with Kev.
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