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Budget info


For your readers, wondering about budgets....I figure my five month trip, Eastern Canada to Buenos Aires cost in the $12,000-$13,000 range. That includes a flight, Panama to Bogata for me and my KLR and then a flight BA to Miami for me and the bike to get back to NA. I really lucked in at the end and a friend brought my bike back from the Tampa, Florida area to St. Andrews, New Brunswick in his trailer for $200.. My flight from Tampa to Canada on my return leg is also included in this total.

By far, the most expensive part for me was the Flights and ride south through the USA. It was October and too cold for an old guy like me to camp until I hit the Blue Ridge Parkway and motels in the north are expensive! Once I crossed into Mexico, costs dropped considerably.

I didn't skimp on things but I didn't really buy anything or spend much on anything but day to day needs. I stayed in hostels and modest hotels for the most part and never camped in Latin or SA, I took private rooms over dorms when available. I likely spent more on beer than food. I liked the beer, the food, not so much.

Glad you, Brice and RTW Paul are all back in NA safe and sound.

Here is a link to my ride report for those that haven't seen it.

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