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Originally Posted by Happy Snapper View Post
SJ.. these people don't think like you and I. I am guessing they are arab terrorists who hate the freedom that we in the "west" enjoy.. but they are happy to make use of our technology and especially science and medicines.

Typically they hate the Jewish people.. and when you consider that over 80% of all medical breakthroughs are made by Jewish scientists in the USA this is just incredible.

These "people" live where there is no separation between the church and the state. They want the rest of the world to live in the middle ages like them.

While I am opposed to capital punishment, I would make an exception for them. They cannot be reasoned with as they themselves are not afraid to die.

The people of the free world must drive them back to their sand pit and contain them there. It is the only way the rest of us can be safe.

We must be eternally vigilant.. especially here in Australia.

Take care mate.
I cant believe you assumed this was Arab terrorist with out the slightest shred of evidence to support such a view, and then go on a tirade against 'THEM" No need for racism on this forum.

Whoever carried out this act are cowardly murderers and should be dealt with according to law. We must obviously be vigilant against terrorism but also xenophobic racist rhetoric too.
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